Apple Watch Casino Games in Canada

If you are a fan of Apple products, you will know that the latest in the line of Apple mobile devices to be released is the Apple Watch. Following in the footsteps of the iPad and iPhone, the Apple smartwatch has opened up a new era for wearable technology. The watch itself combines functionality of a smartphone with the style and portability of a wristwatch.

In Canada and all over the world, the sale of smartwatches has increased dramatically. As a result, online casino slot developers have sat up and taken notice. Today Apple fans can use their smartwatch to play slot online for real money at home or on the go.

Smartwatch Casino Games

For the slot develops, one of the biggest challenges in designing a slot game for the Apple Watch was space. Anyone who owns a smartwatch will know that the screen size is significantly smaller than a conventional smartphone or tablet.

As a result slots and casino games for smartwatches display only the most essential information. With slot games, Canadian casino fans will find only the reels and the spin button on display. To view game information or to adjust the settings, players must minimise the game to open up the information tab. With smartwatch games, all the background images and frilly look have been abandoned

How to Start Playing

So how does it work? If you own an Apple watch and you are keen to get started playing slots online, the procedure is simple. Before logging on, make sure you are registered with reputable Canadian online casino that supports smartwatch and mobile games.

You can find a complete list of the best mobile online casinos right here at If you haven’t already created a casino account, the first step is to sign up from any computer, tablet or smartphone. If you are planning to play for real money, the next step is to fund you casino account. In Canada players can fund their account by bank transfer, by credit card, by debit card or by web-wallet payment.

Playing Slots Online For Real Money

Once you have funds in your casino account you can navigate your way to the mobile casino site using your Apple Watch. Once online, you can login using your casino login details and head to the game section. If you have signed up with a Canadian online casino that supports smartwatch games, the available games will be displayed in the no download lobby. All you have to do is click on the game you want to play and start playing.

The Apple Watch Mobile Slot App

In addition to playing directly online, many slot manufactures have started designing and releasing mobile casino and game apps for the Apple Watch. To download the Apple mobile slot or casino app, all you have to do is log onto the mobile casino website and look for the Apple logo. Click on the download button and the app will automatically download and install on your Apple watch.

Turn your Apple watch into a casino on your wrist and have fun on the move today!