Sic Bo Online Casinos Canada

For many Canadian online casino fans, the biggest advantage of playing games online is being able to choose from hundreds of games in every shape and form. At online casinos, players can find a wide range of slots including classic slots, video slots as well as progressive slot games.

Players can also find a huge range of casino card games including poker, roulette, craps, baccarat, video poker games, blackjack and more. Players who enjoy something different can also try their hand at online bingo, keno or games like Sic Bo. For those who have never heard of the game, Sic Bo is based on the ancient Chinese game known as Tai Sai. This casino dice game has become incredible popular in modern casinos and can be found in most international and Canadian online casinos.

One of the reasons Sic Bo has become so popular in Canada and throughout the world is because this exciting game is really easy to play. The whole idea is to try and predict which numbers will appear on a set of dice after they have been shaken. This may sound similar to craps but this game is easier to learn and the betting is less complicated. In the online version of the game, there are basically two parts to the game. There is the table where bets are placed and there are the dice which are shaken to reveal the numbers and determine the winning results.

To get started playing Sic Bo online, all you have to do is log onto any of the top-rated Canadian online casinos. Players can choose to play online for free or for real money. With online Sic Bo, the game begins with players placing their bet on the table. This is done by clicking on the chips you would like to bet.

After you have made your bet, the computer will roll three dice onto the table to reveal the winning numbers. A computer paytable will display what the payout amounts for all the bets that can be place. After the dice has been thrown, the computer will automatically determine if you have a winning bet and pay out accordingly.

TOP Sic Bo CasinosJune 2023
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Betting in Sic Bo

With Online Sic Bo, there are two main betting options. For those who are just starting out, probably the best way to start is to bet on big or small numbers. Betting big means that you think the total number of the dice will be between 11 and 17. Betting small means that you think the total of the three dice will be between 4 and 10. If you guess correctly the payout is 1:1. If you bet big or small and the numbers on each dice match up e.g. 222 or 333, this results in a loss for the player. In the game it is also possible to bet on individual numbers, pairs or exact triples. If you would like to get started playing online but don’t know where to start. You can find a complete list of Canada’s best online casinos right here at